NEW Iowa Chambourcin

by Ilene on May 16, 2020

Introducing our first (and only) all-Iowa Chambourcin wine.
We have always gotten some of our chambourcin grapes from Chalk Ridge Vineyard in Fort Madison, Iowa, but the majority of the grapes came from Southern Illinois. This new wine comes entirely from Chalk Ridge Vineyard and represents my last chance to make this all-Iowa wine.
Chambourcin grapes aren’t very happy growing too far North, and even Fort Madison (nearly 100 miles south of West Branch) is a little too cold for them. After years of coddling the vines and still suffering continuous attrition, last winter finally finished off this source of my favorite grape.
Iowa Chambourcin is a dry, full-bodied red wine, oak-aged, slightly smoky and spicy. Iowa Chambourcin is $15.99/$6.00 a glass. 🍷

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