October-December 2016 Events



Oct. 9 (Sun)  Full Moon Horizan  2-4pm

Oct. 16 (Sun)  Cassie and Randy  2-4pm

Oct. 19 (Wed)  Book Club 6pm (I Am Supposed To Protect You From All This – Nadja Spigelman)

Oct. 28 (Fri)  Crosscut  6:30-8:30pm

Oct. 29 (Sat)  HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY  $10.00 cover charge.   Mullins Brothers  7-9pm and Dogs on Skis 9-11pm


Nov. 4 (Fri)  Red Rock Hill  7-9pm

Nov. 5 & 6 (Sat-Sun)  WINE TRAIL

Nov. 11 (Fri)  Cassie and Randy  6:30-8:30pm

Nov. 13 (Sun)  Nick Stika & Tom Nugent  2-4pm

Nov. 18 (Fri)  LoJo  6:30-8:30pm

Nov. 19 (Sat)  Chameleon’s  7-9pm

Nov. 27 (Sun)  Crosscut  2-4pm


Dec. 11 (Sun)  Cassie and Randy  2-4pm

Dec. 18 (Sun)  Nick Stika and Tom Nugent  2-4pm