save-the-barn white label

“Save the Barn” White

$11.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Light, crisp, and refreshing. Similar in character to Pinot grigio. Try it with fish, salads, and mild cheeses.

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honey bee label

Honey Bee

$14.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Slightly sweet, and floral. Pairs with spicy Asian food, cheese and fruit.

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seyval blanc label

Seyval Blanc

$15.99/bottle ~ $6/glass

Notes of citrus and mineral with crisp acidity and light touch of oak.

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chardonel label


$14.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Smooth, fruity, finished without oak. Pair it with poultry, pork or creamy pasta dishes.

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papillon label


$16.99/bottle ~ $7/glass

Unique, full-flavored dry Vignoles, with flavors of pineapple and citrus. Goes well with smoked foods or grilled salmon and pineapple.

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traminette label


$8.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Slightly sweet, with flavors of citrus and floral aromas. Well suited for spicy Asian or Indian dishes.

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blanc de blanc label

Blanc de Blanc

$15.99/bottle ~ $6/glass

A sparkling Chardonel with more flavor and body than usually found in sparkling wines. Try it with smoked meats or as a celebration wine.

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sun dog label

Sun Dog

$13.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

This Vignoles wine can be described as a Riesling style with bright citrus flavor or as a slightly sweet New Zealand style Sauvignon blanc.

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save-the-barn red label

“Save the Barn” Red

$9.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Fruity flavors and very little tannin, made from Chancellor and Chambourcin. Very versatile-goes with pizza, burgers, or steak.

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uncommon red label

Uncommon Red

$15.99/bottle ~ $6/glass

Cabernet franc and Malbec- medium bodied with lots of flavor. Pair with red meats or turkey dinner.

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chambourcin label


$14.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Full bodied, spicy and a little smokey, this is one of the “biggest” reds from the Midwest. Pairs with steak, rich beef stew and seasoned meat dishes.

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tire swing label

Tire Swing

$14.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Medium bodied red wine with a comforting degree of sweetness.

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Chancellor Reserve label

Chancellor Reserve

$14.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Full-bodied, lots of spice.

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Über Cherry label

Über Cherry

$14.99/bottle ~ $6/glass

Intensely flavored, just sweet enought, with a serious kick!

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ellison label


$26.99/bottle ~ $6/glass

Enjoy this dry wine as an aperitif with roasted mixed nuts and different cheeses.

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main-street-cuvee label

Main St. Cuvée

$18.99/bottle ~ $7.00/Glass

Cabernet and Merlot blend that is full -bodied and rich with oak and tannin. Serve it with a steak dinner or rich mushroom dish.

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winter red label

Winter Red

Extinction Alert!  This will soon vanish from the shelves!

$7.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

A little spice and citrus flavor in a wine that is made for mulling. Enjoy it warm or cold. Add oranges, spices and sugar if desired.

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naked ladies label

Naked Ladies

Extinction Alert!  This will soon be gone from our shelves!

$7.99/bottle ~ $5/glass

Embrace the unexpected: like a cherry pie, the first taste of this wine is sweet like the juice, but the finish is tart like the red cherry fruit. Try it with a piece of dark chocolate.

(It’s named for the flowers shown on the label)